Solid State Drives a 2.5inch drive are not the future

Solid State drives
Do you really need to get an SSD for your PC or Laptop?
Solid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming more and more common as a replacement for hard disk drives (HDDs). Solid-state drives are faster than HDDs, use less power, and aren’t susceptible to the same kinds of physical damage. But they’re still pretty expensive, so you may be wondering if it is really worth upgrading.
Fast faster and Fastest
In a hard drive, read and write heads use an electric current to move across the spinning disk. This process is slow and takes time while your computer is booting up. In an SSD, there are no moving parts. Instead, data is stored on microchips that store information using electrical charges. This allows for a more rapid transfer of data from one place to another
Multitask like a Breeze
An SSD enables you to multitask like a pro by allowing you to toggle programs with ease. From backing up your data to running antivirus system scans to accessing apps, websites, and playlists, an SSD allows you to multitask with little lag time.
Your Batteries give you more juice
Solid-state drives (SSDs) are often used in laptops because they don’t use moving parts like traditional hard disks, which means that they consume less energy. This can help your laptop last longer between charges.
Keeping your Laptop Cool
Solid-state drives (SSDs) access data using flash memory instead of a magnetic platter like traditional hard drives. Because SSDs don’t have to move parts around to read and write data, they can maintain consistent operating temperatures and keep overall system temps down.
Lower Noise
Because SSDs stay cooler than hard drives, your computer system—and you—are less likely to experience overheating issues. Your fan won’t need to work as hard, which means it will make less noise and offer a quieter overall performance. You can enjoy watching movies or playing games without hearing that low-pitched humming sound of the internal hard drive spinning inside
Rugged and easily transportable
Solid-state drives are ideal for applications where data needs to be stored reliably. Because there are no moving parts, you can throw your SSD around and it still won’t break or lose your information. The SSDs offer additional shock and vibration resistance for extra durability that is tested while the drive is being transported.
Time Saved is Money Earned
Life moves fast, an SSD Save time right from an under 10 Second boot up, Accessing files, shutting down, Compared to a traditional Mechanical hard drive it’s more than 50% faster!