Google Workspace vs Rediff Enterprise vs Godaddy

RediffMail Enterprise

Google Workspace vs Rediff Enterprise vs Godaddy
One of the original enterprise email solutions about 3 decades back was Rediff mail pro , The interface and security has remained the same since the last 30 years
High level of security , Technical support and pricing
The service is based in Mumbai so we can expect same or next day direct support
IMAP support , MS Outlook support , Webmail support
Sam 7 has been helping and using the same since early 2000 for their own in house and customer use
The cost is most reasonable (cost about 1700 plus GST per user per year with 25 GB storage space )
The interface is dated and clunky .
IMAP is sometimes buggy.
No calendaring options , no integration options for Google Services

Go Daddy

Google Workspace vs Rediff Enterprise vs Godaddy
Go Daddy has been around since more than a decade and as they are a domain registrar , they used to offer a free email solution for users , They have now moved to an office 365 type of solution
Security is good , Technical support is 24X7 online
They have an office in Mumbai and we get agent support 24×7 X365
IMAP support , MS outlook support and webmail support
A lot of our clients have been using the same ,but not as much as Google workspace
cost is about 70 per user per month for GoDaddy and their Microsoft option is 200 per month for the first year and 300 per month on renewal
IMAP cost is extra
Cost is quite high compared to Google Workspace
No integration of Google Services

Google Workspace

Google Workspace
G Suite is an extremely well-known business suite that is almost incomparable in its offerings, They have a world-class scalable infrastructure
Google’s flagship office suite has always been not only a business email interface but additionally, has offered productivity apps such as Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, Calendar, Google Meet
and more to manage your business.
Security is enterprise-grade, with an Admin console to manage very granular settings of the users
Tech support is online and world-class
We have also used Google workspace and we use it for calendar collaboration, Google meets, Google drive etc.
Complete integration of Google Services and addons like Zoom etc
As support is online we have to wait to get queries answered or resolved.
Cost is 210 per user per month plus GST (they are currently running a 50% discount for a year for new users)