Sam 7 Story

Sampath K Iyengar The founder of Sam 7 Computers & Networks was not interested in Software as he wanted to get into the computer hardware business, so he joined his first company, General Electronics, where he was one of the very first Indians to get trained on Epson printers which had a tie-up with Wipro.  As […]

Google Workspace vs Rediff Enterprise vs Godaddy

Google Workspace

Google Workspace vs Rediff Enterprise vs Godaddy RediffMail Enterprise One of the original enterprise email solutions about 3 decades back was Rediff mail pro , The interface and security has remained the same since the last 30 years ProsHigh level of security , Technical support and pricingThe service is based in Mumbai so we can expect […]

Solid State Drives

Solid State Drives a 2.5inch drive are not the future Do you really need to get an SSD for your PC or Laptop? Solid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming more and more common as a replacement for hard disk drives (HDDs). Solid-state drives are faster than HDDs, use less power, and aren’t susceptible to the same kinds […]